Weiss Distillery in Clawson, Ohio will soon be open for business. Owners Trevor and Miranda Graham are on track to unveil their first product, a premium whiskey, by year’s end. Their distillery is set to operate in a space span of buildings that date back to the 1880’s. They will also operate a speakeasy style tasting room and retail space. In fact, they have already made a splash in the local community. The tasting room is a destination in itself, boasting a menu of original and high quality spirits.

The new distillery is a part of a larger group known as the Tech & Mortar Hospitality Group. Its flagship is a 2.2 mile enclave that boasts some of the best restaurants in Metro Detroit. Its signature blend is a salute to Appalachian moonshine. Another is a gin made from 12 botanicals. The latest addition to the line is a vodka that is “so good it’s vanishable.”

In the spirit of the winter season, the distillery has rebranded itself as the “grown up winter wonderland” by sprucing up the tasting room and providing a few special offerings. A large skeleton greets visitors in front of the building for Halloweiss, theĀ Weiss Distillery aforementioned winter-themed cocktail. Other notable items include a speakeasy-style tasting room and an ice cutting workshop.

The Weiss on Ice program will give customers the chance to sip on the best of the best. It features snowy trees and a cool white wall that projects snowflakes. Also on the menu is a gin based on a classic cocktail. While the name hints at the ingredients, this gin is actually made with 100 malt wine. It is aged in oak for six months and is soft and voluptuous.

The WDC branded blend of the aforementioned is the real deal. A taster at the tasting room was given a taste of the best of the booze and was more than impressed. For those that aren’t fortunate enough to have the opportunity to experience a WDC creation, you can buy the brand’s flagship gin at a number of retailers. This is in addition to the aforementioned gin and vodka, which are available in bottle and can form the basis of a nice, cold, smooth snifter.

The Weiss on Ice was made to be a part of the community, with the goal of showcasing their own products. The company also plans to expand their horizons into distribution. The Weiss Distillery is an exciting addition to the Detroit area and the metro area at large. So be sure to keep an eye out for the new distillery in the spring, as well as a plethora of other exciting developments in the city.